Welcome to Syl & Mind

 My name is Sylvia Ebbens-Wenting and I am a Cat. 1 Mindfulness Trainer, Coach, Retail Professional and most of all Life Explorer. As you might already suspect, the name Syl & Mind is an abreviation of my name and also stands for: Sustain Your Life & Mind.

 A series of events in my professional career and personal life made me make a shift in work/life balance that would lead to a whole different experience of Life. I needed to find a way to have a more sustainable way of living and more over also enjoy that sustainable life more. This new way I found through practicing meditation and embodiment in Mindfulness as a lifestyle.

After a career of 12 years in an International Fashion Retail environment I became a Mindfulness Trainer & Coach, following my passion of guiding others in finding a better work/life balance. The experience of having worked in the fast paced environment having to deal with a lot of stress, deadlines, becoming a mother, allows me to understand my participants challenges when it come to stress management in their personal and/or professional life. 

I am spiritually curious and combine this with the interest for the science and neuroscience behind Mindfulness & stress management. The combination of these elements make me an intuitive trainer with both feet planted solid into the earth. 

Through my daily Mindfulness routine, keeping up with various workshops throughout the year, going regularly on retreats and having contact with a close network of trainers I ensure I keep developing as a professional & person. This way I am able to offer the best version of myself to my participants.

Curious about what I can offer, have a look at the activities & ONLINE pages and when you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Warm regards Syl